Brushing your teeth – the correct way!

With good habits and good care you can keep your teeth healthy throughout your life. By going to a dentist or dental hygienist regularly, you can gain control of the teeth and the gums. Keeping your teeth clean is about removing bacterial coatings every day. Bacteria in the mouth can cause both teeth in the … Read more Brushing your teeth – the correct way!

Periodontitis -Advanced Gum Disease

Periodontitis, Periodontit, Periodontitt

Periodontitis The earlier periodontitis is treated, the greater the chance of extinction. Serious periodontitis requires more extensive treatment, compared with a milder found in an earlier stage. A fresh tooth has a toothpaste that is 1 to 4 millimeters deep. With periodontitis the pocket depth increases. At the final stage it can be over 10 … Read more Periodontitis -Advanced Gum Disease

Implants- What are Dental Implants

Implants, Implantat

Implants Implant is a well-proven and safe treatment that will almost always be successful. We at the Dentistry villa perform implant treatments, both the surgical and prosthetic part. Prior to treatment, planning is important. Initially, a x-ray examination is performed. Sometimes other dentists and specialists are also consulted to make the results as good as … Read more Implants- What are Dental Implants