Implants-  What are Dental Implants

Implants- What are Dental Implants


Implant is a well-proven and safe treatment that will almost always be successful. We at the Dentistry villa perform implant treatments, both the surgical and prosthetic part.
Prior to treatment, planning is important. Initially, a x-ray examination is performed. Sometimes other dentists and specialists are also consulted to make the results as good as possible.
It is important that jawbones and possibly other teeth are completely free of infection prior to treatment. If any other treatment needs to be done first, it may mean that the implant treatment is awaited to wait for any healing.

Surgical and prosthetic treatment

The implant treatment consists of a surgical and a prosthetic part. The surgical part involves one or more operations, as the dentist inter alia attaches fixtures.
The prosthetic treatment is about the manufacture of the tooth or teeth to be attached to the fixture or fixtures. This includes the adaptation of the provisional teeth the patient usually has during the induction period.
Here is a brief description of implant treatment. The description applies to a single fixture (single implant). Approximately the same procedure applies to implants in a completely toothless jaw. The difference is mainly using more fixtures.


With careful surgery technique, the dentist places the fixture in the jawbone. The operation usually takes between one and two hours and is painless.

Healing period

When the operation is complete, the initiation period begins. In the upper jaw it is usually about six months. In the lower jaw, which has stronger legs, it often takes only about three months.
Today, it is also possible, in some favorable cases, to fix the teeth within a few days after the first surgery. This applies mainly to submarine bridges and singular implants.
Once the leg has grown around the fixture it is stuck. One can say that the fixture is now the new tooth root. It’s time to extend it with a distance. For 1-step technology no new operation is required. In 2-step technology, the dentist makes a minor intervention to find the fixture under the gum. The distance is then attached to the new tooth, that is, a crown, prosthetic or bridge.

The prosthetic work

Usually, the preparation of the new tooth begins within a few weeks after the distance connection. The work begins with imprinting in the mouth. Then another one to six visits will follow. During these visits, the patient and dentist determine the appearance and shape of the tooth or teeth to be inserted.

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